“If you use your ears as you use your eyes then you will see everything that you imagine.”

“What to say about a man who inspires simply by his presence? His honesty and lack of fear to say what needs to be said in a way that can be understood and accepted is unique. It is a pleasure to so completely become a part of the worlds his stories draw you into. Through his style, diction and attitude you are compelled to learn for yourself what you need to learn and recognize what you need to recognize. His stories are open enough to have meaning to all without ever restricting the interpretation to one or two. And his attitude mirrors that! Thank you Chris, for the multitude of visions, lessons, and learnings you have provided!

One final personal note: Our daughter is rather shy and rarely likes to be near people she does not know. But with Chris she felt at ease and wanted to be near him immediately. That is a true accomplishment!”

SyBeSt GbR

Die systemische BeratungsStelle

Oliver und Silke Caspers

"Wir haben zusammen mit Chris in einem high-end politischen Setting gearbeitet. Er versteht es, die Teilnehmer mit seinen Geschichten in seinen Bann zu ziehen und die Veranstaltung auf eine andere Ebene zu heben. Wenn die Teilnehmer in ein paar Jahren auf das Event zurückblicken, ist er sicherlich einer der Höhepunkte an den sie sich erinnern werden."

Dr. Ralph Piotrowski

SOCIUS Organisationsberatung

Tempelhofer Ufer 21, 10963 Berlin

I work in English, German and Italian. In schools, refugee homes, at conventions and conferences, around fires and in libraries or living rooms...

...anywhere where stories may be appreciated and enjoyed.

Chris has twice entertained visitors to our community library with tales from long ago. His ability to tell a story kept everyone spellbound. His speech, actions and appearance all form part of the success in the delivery of his stories. The whole experience is enjoyable, relaxing and, with many of his tales, thought provoking.

He has also been to our local primary school and enthralled the children (and teachers!) with parents being somewhat jealous that they missed out on such a treat.

Can't recommend him highly enough.

Alison Mullineux,  Chair - Penrhyn Bay

Community Library Group,

Llandudno, North Wales, U.K.

Chris Rogers hat etwas Magisches und Mystisches an sich. Auf verschiedensten Events habe ich ihn sprechen hören und nach ein paar Sekunden sind alle Teilnehmer in seinen Bann gezogen und man kann im Raum eine Stecknadel fallen hören. Meisterhaft versteht er es Menschen in andere Welten abtauchen zu lassen und  seine Geschichten sind tiefgründig, rührend und haben alle eine Verbindung ins wahre Leben.

Tobias Beck Internationaler Sprecher,

Dozent & Berater

I am a storyteller.

That is to say I am a seller of words.

I hear.

I listen.

Then I tell...

Stories from the Sufi masters of 12th century Persian poetry.

Stories of heroes, demons and Jinn.

Tales from the caravanserai and the trade routes of the east.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for having been able to connect seamlessly to the team during the days working process selecting stories that fitted into the context of the meeting. You made all participants think. Through your stories they became ready to accept different views and adopt different perspectives.

In the evening you made them relax and helped everybody to get into deeper, personal conversation.

The whole team enjoyed having you with us.

Looking forward to have you again with us 

With best regards

Peter Brunner

Managing Partner of Synchronize-Consult

"To describe the work and impact of Chris you would need to tell a story and who is better than him at doing this? But it is more than that, Chris made us and our partners from 33 countries and cultures speechless and reflective during our conventions and he has become an integral part of our Vapiano Story!

If you doubt to hire Chris you definitely need him ..."

Mario C. Bauer

Executive Board Member

Expansion, Partnerships & New Markets

We have had the pleasure of working together with Chris Rogers for the last 10 years and he manages to create the perfect illusion for our kids, sprinkling sparkles of dreams and of fantasy into the eyes of our young ones, creating the future with stories from the past. 

Child-friendly morals, whole body involvement, pedagogical know-how are the recipe to his success with kids. 

Chris is an exceptional talent and has become a Must-Have at our school! 

Regina Ziche

Teacher at Nelson-Mandela-School, Berlin

"For several years, Chris was an important pillar of our programme at the Weberfest in Potsdam, Babelsberg. Reliable both in practical matters and in the requirement to attract hundreds of visitors of all ages into his world. Chris is always ready and able to join other performers in ad lib happenings. It has been a joy and inspiration to have worked with him."

Alan Blim, Just Juggling, Artistic director of Weberfest 1996-2008