“A poet should never be a lamp but rather, a mirror.” Jalal Al-Din Rumi

"Christian rides a fast word pony, his audience clinging on to his story from behind, fearing the fall or the push. The rhythms are crazed like story twigs in a waterfall of words; audiences grasp the air as he shakes his mane, trying to throw us, upset our equilibrium, lands us in a safe space of cathartic realisation."

Keith Pearson, Creative Director, The Theatre Company of Kenya

Achillea: The Art Of Oral Storytelling
Tales From My Wooden Bauwagen

Like other artists, the restrictions placed on us all due to Covid-19, mean that I have lost all of my work. But not my purpose which is why I am have created a website where I and my partner can keep telling stories and hope to earn a living. At the end of each story a teller would send round a Kashkul to the listeners who would throw in money for the teller and the tale. My virtual Kashkul is to be found here. Christian Rogers Deutsche Bank. DE82120700240255924300
or Paypal…