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The Art Of Oral Storytelling
April 27, 28 and 29 2021

The Art of Oral Storytelling of workshops will not look at how to tell stories but why we might want to and look at what the stories are doing as they unfold before the teller and the listener.

The workshops are designed for those who are involved in public speaking or the teaching professions but it will also be of great use for those who are curious and sceptical. A background in storytelling in not necessary but a storyteller would be able to connect very well with the themes we will discuss.

They will take place via Zoom and will be in English. The fee is 180 euros. Plus 5% tax. Payable via the PayPal link below.

The workshops, spread over three days, will be made up of six modules; two for each day. I will mail all participants a detailed run down of the themes and any reading material relevant to the modules shortly before the workshop.

As facilitator I will introduce the theme and tell a short story which will demonstrate the topic of the discussion and then we will discuss both the story and its wider meaning.

The main themes will deal with the role, throughout history, of the storyteller as a teacher and healer. We will look at the effects they have and in particular the role they have in empowering the listeners. This, necessarily involves exploring the ways that this power, that of the storyteller, has been and can be abused. We will look at how the ideals and philosophical values inherent in the stories have been vital in shaping the role of the oral storyteller and his or her art.

I will talk about technique from time to time when it is relevant, although it will not be a major subject for discussion. The premise of this workshop is to look at the role storytelling has played and continues to play in our world.

"Beyond the ideas of right and wrong is a place where we shall meet" Jalāloddin Rumi

Here is an article from the Theatre Times about the workshop I facilitated at The Story Moja in Nairobi.


'In a series of workshops at St Andrew's Turi, Christian inspired our students with his innovative exploration of storytelling from a diverse range of cultures. He has an admirable ability to connect with students, using both humour and intellectual thought to engage above and beyond the curriculum. After participating in his workshops, the students had a real 'buzz' and excitement about writing, and as a school we're looking forward to fostering this enthusiasm and inviting him in again.'

Mrs Liz Nyariki
Head of English Faculty, Assistant House Parent, Tsavo
St Andrew's Senior School, Turi, Kenya

“What to say about a man who inspires simply by his presence? His honesty and lack of fear to say what needs to be said in a way that can be understood and accepted is unique. It is a pleasure to so completely become a part of the worlds his stories draw you into. Through his style, diction and attitude you are compelled to learn for yourself what you need to learn and recognize what you need to recognize. His stories are open enough to have meaning to all without ever restricting the interpretation to one or two. And his attitude mirrors that! Thank you Chris, for the multitude of visions, lessons, and learnings you have provided!

SyBeSt GbR
Die systemische BeratungsStelle
Oliver und Silke Caspers

Thank you for having been able to connect seamlessly to the team during the days working process selecting stories that fitted into the context of the meeting. You made all participants think. Through your stories they became ready to accept different views and adopt different perspectives.

In the evening you made them relax and helped everybody to get into deeper, personal conversation.

The whole team enjoyed having you with us.

Looking forward to have you again with us

With best regards
Peter Brunner
Managing Partner of Synchronize-Consult

“We have worked with Chris in a high level political setting.
He understands how to draw people into his spell and to raise an event to a higher level. when the participants reflect back, in a few years time, to the event Chris is sure to be one of the high points that they will remember.”

Dr. Ralph Piotrowski
SOCIUS Management Consultancy
Tempelhofer Ufer 21, 10963 Berlin

“Chris Rogers has something magical and mystical about him.
I have heard him speak at various events where, after just a few moments, all of the participants have been drawn into his world and you could have heard a pin drop.
He masterfully understands how to bring people into other worlds and his deeply touching stories all have a connection to the real one.”

Tobias Beck. International speaker, lecturer & consultant.

"To describe the work and impact of Chris you would need to tell a story and who is better than him at doing this? But it is more than that, Chris made us and our partners from 33 countries and cultures speechless and reflective during our conventions and he has become an integral part of our Vapiano Story! If you doubt to hire Chris you definitely need him ..."

Mario C. Bauer
Executive Board Member Vapiano
Expansion, Partnerships & New Markets

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